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Located in Edmonton, Alberta, JFC Constructek Inc. is renowned for highly resistant, maintenance-free products. Discover our wide range of contemporary colours. Our products will enhance all of your commercial and industrial projects.

Metal Roof & Metal Wall Cladding

Available in multiple ranges of colours, profiles, and thicknesses, the metal cladding that we supply is the most durable product, free of maintenance, that you can get for your buck in the long run.

Coming with warranties up to 40 years on certain profiles, you can sleep sound knowing that your investment will look as good through the years as on its first day of installation.

Architectural Aluminum Panel

An architectural aluminum panel, also referred to as ACM (aluminum composite material) panel, is a wall panel made of two thin layers of aluminum bonded by a solid fibre resin in between them.

The most common thickness of sheets used to fabricate those panels are 3 MM and 4 MM, allowing the manufacturer to fabricate the panels as big as they want without creating oil canning in the aluminum finishes. The overall panel thickness with its hidden aluminum attachment is usually 2”.

Those panels can come fire rated and are all tested to withstand high wind pressure and big changes in temperature to allow proper expansion and retraction in order to keep their integrity and look the same throughout the years.

When it comes to the colour range for this product, a rainbow does not even have enough colours to compete. We can offer all flat colours to metallic colours and even more special colours such as wood grain and pearl, which is the combination of two colours together seen from different angles.

Metal Insulated Panels

A metal foam insulated panel is two layers of steel (usually 22 and 24 gauge steel) bounded by sprayed foam insulation between them, going from 2” to 6” thick. It can be made for roofing or wall applications and comes in different corrugated profiles for the roofing applications. This type of material is attached using a hidden fastener system, which when properly installed, guarantees the product to be water tight/resistant.

Those panels are the best option to select when the project requires a big area to be covered as they provide the exterior finishes, R-value, and vapour barrier all in one panel, which saves time during installation at the end. The R-value of sprayed foam is also greater than any other kind of insulation on the market. Lastly, this type of panel can also come fire rated and can last up to 3 hours under such conditions.

Aluminium Lap Siding/Soffit

The aluminum lap siding/soffit is a sheet of aluminum roll formed into a sheet of approximately 6” by 24’ long on average. It uses a hidden fastener system, and once assembled together, they create an effect of wood planks on the wall or the soffit. Those sheets come pre-painted in multiple ranges of wood grain and solid colours.

It is made out of 1.57 mm aluminum sheet with a centre rib at the back to eliminate the oil canning effect and their length of 24’ allows for several different designs without seeing a joint. This material can be used to enhance your project in some areas as it is a very durable maintenance-free material that offers a great alternative to wood siding and prevents you from spending more money on maintenance through the years.

Fibre Resin Wood Panel

The fibre resin wood panels (also referred to as phenolic panels) that we use on exterior applications are two layers of laminated wood bounded by a fibre resin of approximately ¼” thick. They are fireproof, anti-graffiti, maintenance free, and they do replicate a wood application for you to design a “greener” building aspect.

Those panels come in several thicknesses and sizes and can also come with wood grain colours as well as solid colours.

Fibre Cement Siding

The fibre cement siding is a material formed using a mix of concrete powder and cellulose fibres. Many profiles of panels, planks, and shakes can be created using this technique. This material is very cost-effective for commercial applications and provides a wide range of colour and a replication of real wood. 

Being fire-rated and maintenance free, it makes a really good selection for someone who is looking for a wood product finish but does not want to spend time and money on maintenance.

PVC Panels

PVC panels are really cost-effective and are 100% water resistant. They are mainly used in an area with a high humidity level. Their length, going from 8’ to 20’, allows for installation on high walls without seeing a joint.

Wall & Roof Membranes

JFC also sells and installs multiple kinds of wall membranes and vapour barriers to protect your roof or building against any potential water infiltrations.

As some wall membranes are designed to seal the wall against water and air penetrations, others allow air circulation while keeping the water out and some are fire retardant while keeping the moisture out. It is part of our expertise to assist you in the selection of the proper water barrier, depending on what you are building and what you will apply as exterior finishes.

Metal Frame & Angles

JFC renovation projects represent about 60% of its yearly income. As many renovations require us to work around existing conditions, we often are required to adjust some elevations with light metal angles in order to attach our new siding to the elevation that we are working on.

By using those steel angles, we can reproduce adjustable trusses over an existing wall or roof that is crooked, which allows us to install our exterior finishes properly, level and flat. This is mandatory 90% of the time on renovation projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding those products and techniques or if you require assistance in choosing. 

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