Insulated metal panels (IMPs) have an unbending center of polyurethane froth dependent on methylene diphenyl diisocyanate ‘sandwiched’ between two metal coatings. The panels are made in the industrial facility on a nonstop moving premise with metal coatings – normally steel – typifying a PUR or PIR froth center. The thickness of the polyurethane froth can go from 30 to 240 mm, contingent upon the application and the required protection qualities. These adaptable items are additionally called sandwich panels.

Current development activities require an ideal mix of vitality productivity and imaginative adaptability. All climate-protecting panels are the perfect decision for giving the unrivaled protection, building proficiency and long haul execution of structures that are requested by naturally cognizant manufacturers, planners and mortgage holders. Intended to imaginatively meet the most stretched out scope of divider and rooftop applications, these interesting panels are made of vitality proficient, controlled polyisocyanurate froth protection, sandwiched between a completed metal outside and an inside face. All climate protection panels are accessible in a wide scope of divider and rooftop panels with a full scope of moldings, embellishments and extra building administrations. We likewise offer a mineral fleece board, perfect for structures requiring most extreme flame assurance.

What are Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs)?

Insulated Metal Panels (IMP) are lightweight, lightweight outside panels made of metal skins and a protecting froth center. These panels have extraordinary protecting properties and their broad, single-establishment stretched out abilities make them speedy to introduce, lessening expenses contrasted with other divider units. IMPs are accessible in an assortment of hues, widths, shapes and completes, adequately permitting any feel required for dividers and roofs.

Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are perfect for some divider and rooftop applications, including the design, business, mechanical and institutional markets. These protecting panels offer numerous advantages to building proprietors, planners, and temporary workers, and are especially useful for the structure of feasible structures. They offer great R esteem and improve vitality proficiency. MBCI fabricates insulated metal panels with a standout amongst the most mechanically propelled assembling forms in the United States. The shade of the panels and the various completions offered to offer a large number of structure potential outcomes. Regardless of whether you are a modeler searching for the best plan arrangement, a contractual worker searching for productive, simple to introduce materials, or a structure proprietor hoping to spare vitality and upkeep costs, our panels have the effect.

We offer 12 profiles of insulated metal divider panels for vitality proficient structures, just as the R protection board, all with one of a kind profiles, highlights, and advantages. As codes and guidelines progressively call for practical structure materials, our indoor and open-air insulated metal panels offer numerous points of interest over other structure items. They are perfect for building, business, mechanical, institutional and cold stockpiling applications. They are additionally accessible in numerous hues and connected completions.

Insulated Metal Panels

Our insulated metal panels are driving development items at the bleeding edge of advancement. Using cutting edge hardware, our panels are shaped through a persistent cast set up assembling process, holding the inward and external steel to a protecting polyisocyanurate froth center. Having the highlights recorded beneath, the applications are boundless.

Our insulated metal divider panels can be introduced vertically and on a level, plane to accomplish the ideal engineering look. Our standing crease rooftop profile is the business chief in harsh weather, and our flame assurance offer can give as long as three hours imperviousness to fire. All profiles are accessible in a bunch of various hues.

Insulated metal divider panels

Our company makes and supplies the nation with an assorted scope of five insulated metal divider board profiles. The panels are accessible in thicknesses of 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 inches. The accessible steel checks are 26, 24, and 22. The standard board width is 42 ‘. Widths of 36 and 30 inches are likewise accessible. Ridgeline, a vertical crease rooftop profile for IMP, highlighting McElroy Metal symmetrical crease 238T, is additionally altered.

Flexible applications

Because of its high warm protection esteems, convenience, soundness, and high unbending nature, IMP is utilized in an assortment of uses, for example,

  • Business and modern structures
  • Rooftops and detached dividers
  • Business and Residential Entry Signs and Garage Doors
  • Business refrigeration
  • Refrigerated transport vehicles

Kinds of structures:

  • Office/Bank
  • Distribution centers
  • Wellbeing administrations
  • Assembling
  • Training
  • Legislative associations
  • Stimulation
  • Techniques for transportation
  • Great accommodation

Item Information

JFC Constructek’s insulated metal panels are solid in an assortment of hues and complete so your clients can redo their structures in a stylishly satisfying manner. These low-upkeep IMPs are anything but difficult to introduce, enabling your clients to decrease development expenses and make structures operational quicker.

Item Features

  • Very solid and vitality effective, our IMPs are intended to toward the end in the hardest conditions. The standard outside is 26mm Igloo White polyester covered steel.
  • The insulated divider board is the perfect decision for inside allotments and roofs. The inward and external appearances of the board are indistinguishable pictures, each with a similar profile.
  • From start to finish, insulated metal panels offer clients the accompanying advantages:
  • Predominant protection esteem advances gainfulness through vitality effectiveness
  • Propelled polyurethane center drastically diminishes warming and cooling costs
  • Disengaged faces and joined warm separators guarantee that the most noteworthy cradle esteems ​​(‘R’) is kept up,
  • Decreases warm scaffold and warm deviation
  • Basic and adaptable plan and establishment choices:
  • Concealed clasp with clasps and grapples in the side seal give an excellent and clean look
  • The establishment is required from top and base just without extra surrounding
  • Quick one-piece development ensures quick wrapping up
  • Requires less space to disengage consistency with power codes, expanding accessible kept space
  • Accessible in an assortment of hues and profiles, and can be modified to meet the prerequisites of every application
  • Provided in many connected completions that take after pre-assembled or mortar, development, and other conventional structure materials
  • Versatile to numerous other structure materials (slanted solid, mortar, blocks, squares, single coating, coating, EIFS)

Strength and security:

  • Class 1 polyurethane froth meets the prerequisites of significant construction regulations for some kinds of development.
  • Lightweight and basically lightweight panels weigh just 3 kg for every square foot, however, can withstand long separations, decreasing casing bolster costs.


JFC Constructek’s IMPs are an alluring and vitality sparing alternative for client building ventures. These roof and divider panels are reasonable for some conventional and non-standard structure plans in the business, mechanical, rural and post-confining markets.